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Birding on the Olympic Peninsula Tour #2

S.R. 116
Port Hadlock, Washington


Watchers View #2

  • From View #1 ( Tour #1 ) return to Oak Bay Road, turn right and continue north .5 miles to Indian Island sign,
  • Turn right on highway 116, go across the Ship Canal Bridge and continue 1.4 miles to Jefferson County Park sign, (Lagoon Bay, on right,
  • Turn in and go down hill to park. This road is high quality gravel, but steep (careful on tight turn to left, leave out-goers room, no campers, big rigs).
  • From directly in front of parking area large a tidal, bowl shaped, flat collects many saltwater varieties of ducks and Brant Geese.

I often sight Harlequin ducks here. If you turn your attention to the left you will see tidal and seepage streams entering the tidal flats, there is some viewing in this area from car. However this is a braided environment and many birds are hidden from immediate view. Sometimes, weather permitting, this is a good area to get out and stretch your legs, a short walk to left can often lead to hidden rewards in your binoculars. If afoot be alert to footing, salt marsh environments have many hidden pitfalls. A careful stalk here can lead to many small, enchanting views of waterfowl, Kingfisher, Blue Heron, and occasional Bald Eagle passing by.